How to pack a parcel

Help your package arrive intact with our step-by-step guide on how to pack your package

pack a parcel
Pack a parcel

Getting a package from you to its destination is a long road. Your package will:

  • take different means of transport
  • Access to multiple sorting centers
  • Ride on carousels for miles and get sorted by automated scanners

Mileage will be covered. Mountains will be climbed. Travel conveyor. The scanner beeps.

Don't forget: your package needs to be packed well enough to stay intact when it falls off the conveyor belt (up to 1.2m).

Let's refer 8 step below to pack a parcel

#1. Find a suitable box or bag

Consider these points below:

  • Do you need a box or would a mailing bag or padded envelope be better? Watertight mailing bags are best for clothes
  • You can buy boxes for packaging or use an old box from home
  • Is the box tough enough for the journey ahead? You need it to be structurally sound
  • Will the item fit inside without leaving lots of empty space? Make sure the box closes easily and retains its shape
  • If you reuse a box or bag, make sure there are no old labels or barcodes showing. These might be picked up by our scanners and can send your parcel to the wrong place

#2. Wrap your items

Pack anything before putting it in a box or bag. Especially the weak ones have to be covered because our scanners can’t find the colors that are “weak” or “working”. Packaging options include:

Foam Coating - Reuse the coating in your home. Interesting pop too

Newspapers - Newsletters from yesterday's newspapers are perfect for your environment and your wallet.

#3. Pack the empty space

Make sure your valuables are safe at all times by filling in any gaps around the item, once placed in the box. Wrapping packing options include:

Paper and newspaper - the most popular choice, scrunched-up newspaper, an easy way to fill space.
Cardboard - pieces of cardboard can make a strong shell
Leaves - old but clean leaves can be used to cover solid material

Important: Make sure your package is packed so that it falls off the conveyor belt without damaging the material.

#4. Put your address inside

Your item is safe, but before you put the lid on your box, you need to put some data on the paper inside. Please write:
  • Your personal name, address, phone number
  • Destination package name and address
Why? If the address label is from the package (for example, if the label is dropped when it is moved), you will know where it needs to be sent.

#5. Fasten your parcel with tape

Once you've filled in the space and put the item in the box, or just squeezed it into your mailbag, glue it in place.
  • Choose a durable tape - much more durable and safe
  • Covers all openings - beyond the gap, including sides and bottom. Lock it.
  • Glue the corners - Glue the corners for durability. The extra layer acts as a defense against scratches

#6. Secure any loose edges

I have already spoken about it. However, the importance of securing around the wrap cannot be overstated. If so, tape it.
  • Top/bottom cardboard flaps of the box
  • A bit of a mailbag protruding from the main packaging
Tip: Basically, any edges protruding from the wrapper should be flattened and secured. This will prevent it from getting caught in the belt and avoid any damage.

#7. Label your package

It's almost finished. However, labeling is one of the most important parts of learning how to pack packages for delivery. Don't fall for the last hurdle.

  • Book a delivery through the Evri website or app (or you can also use the Print in ParcelShop device) and print the label. The label contains the name and address of the recipient, as well as the barcode.
  • If the sides are flat, center the label at the top of the package. For round parcels (Note: use triangular tubes instead of circles when sending posters, cards, etc.), attach the label where there is sufficient surface.
  • Secure the label with high quality tape - use small pieces along each of the four edges. Do not leave flying paper exposed.
  • Write the sender's address on the reply label and attach it to the back of the package. To avoid confusion, clearly mark it as a "return address".
Is your address in the box? Don't forget to include it. If your package is lost, this is how we can return it to you.

#8. Send your parcel

The package is packed, packaged and ready to use. To send it, bring it to your nearest Parcel Shop or locker, or book your collection online.

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